Crayola Beauty Review: Highlighter Crayon and White Face Crayon

As soon as the Crayola Beauty line was announced I was excited. I was intrigued by all of the colours and was excited to play with some bright pigments to create some interesting looks. Sadly, things aren’t always as they seem, and Crayola Beauty falls under that category. The products have performed (for the most part) badly, and the main criticism has been the price. These aren’t cheap products, especially for what you’re getting. I won’t go into detail about all of the negatives since I haven’t tried the products myself, aside from the two in this review, but I would recommend watching John Maclean’s review of Crayola Beauty. He manages to make the products work, and it was actually his video that inspired me to try at least a couple of products from this new line.

I was excited by the idea of a bright highlighter by Crayola, so it was the first item that went into my basket. I’m very white and pale so I got the shade shimmering blush, but there are four shades in total to choose from. The packaging is, obviously, incredibly cute, and a major selling point of this line. If anything, it could be said that the price tag is linked directly to the appearance of this product. The actual product is opalescent and creamy in texture. The bottom of the highlighter swivels to unveil more of the product, however, in the above image this is not the full amount of product – I’ve been using this daily for a little while!


This is how the highlighter shows up on my skin. It’s very sheer but does provide a nice light pink tone which brightens up the skin nicely. I found that I needed to apply more than one layer of this to achieve the look I wanted (or to see it much at all, honestly). The highlighter is a very lightweight formula which unfortunately does not stay on the skin throughout the day. I find I have to reapply this multiple times through the day which is irritating when priced at £11. If using this I would suggest layering it up and being gentle with your blending. I was looking for a simple, basic highlighter that I can use every day, and this fits that role well. However, for the price, I will not be purchasing this again. You can definitely buy products that last longer, are more pigmented, and are vivid on the skin for either the same price or cheaper, I guarantee it. Overall, a little disappointing.


The second product I purchased was the white face crayon. Appearance-wise, this product is adorable and very nostalgic. The formula itself is very creamy which surprised me. It also has a very sweet scent to it which is interesting, since I can’t say the scent was something I was expecting to comment on when it came to talking about face crayons.


The coverage of this one is, again, sheer. However, I will say that it builds up far nicer than the highlighter, and it is easy to achieve a highly pigmented look, especially if you use a white shadow to set the crayon. One big problem with this product is that it just doesn’t stick to the skin. One wipe over this product, even very lightly, completely removes it. It literally vanishes into the skin. Crayola has managed to make disappearing makeup and I’m not sure I’ll be buying it again.

Overall, although it pains me to say it, I’m going to assert that Crayola Beauty is a gimmick. It’s a marketing ploy that tugs on our nostalgia and tries to sell makeup to us as something new and exciting. Whilst I appreciate the sentiment, for the price I simply cannot recommend these products to anybody. They are far too sheer and you’ll be left wondering what it is you paid for. If you’re utterly obsessed with Crayola and want these as something cute to look at, then, by all means, go ahead – personally I think the palettes look lovely, but I can’t bring myself to pay for something I know won’t meet my standards. These two simple products are fairly harmless, although it is hard to go wrong with products this simple.

If you’ve seen the negative reviews and read this review and you’re still interested in checking out Crayola beauty, you can find the links to the products here:

Crayola Highlighter Crayon in Shimmering Blush – £11

Crayola Face Crayon in White – £9

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