Introduction (Hi!) and Morning Skincare Regime

Good morning!

I’m typing this having just stuffed my face with four crumpets, so I’m feeling a little sluggish. But, I was determined to start this blog today, so I’m powering through the food coma. My name’s Tom, and I’m currently a student at the University of Leeds, and I’m studying for an MA in English Literature. I identify as queer, and I’ll be making a post about this specifically in the future since it’s a big topic all to itself. I’d rather kick off this blog by talking about its focus, skincare, and then delve into the meatier topics later. I wanted to create a blog where I, someone who lives outside of heteronormative rules and regulations, could share their skincare/beauty regimes and provide information to the LGBTQ+ community. I’ll be reviewing both skincare and beauty products with 100% unbias opinion in the hopes of saving you both time and money, but also show you what is actually worth your hard earned cash.

To start off the blog, and for you to get to know me a little better, I’m going to be showing you my morning skincare regime. Just to preface this: I’m not a skincare expert nor do I claim to be! I’m sure there are problems with my routine and improvements that could be made, so if you have any comments please leave them below – I’d really appreciate it. All of the products that I’m going to be showing I will also be reviewing at some point in the near future.  Following this post I will be doing a very small review of the new Crayola Beauty products, available on ASOS – I only picked up two of their products due to reading some scathing reviews, but I’d still like to talk about them anyway! Onto the morning skincare routine:


Here’s a quick overview of the products I use in the morning. I’ve been using all of these for a few months now, so I know that they work for my skin and perform pretty well. I have dry sensitive skin which is prone to eczema and all of these products have been great for me, but please try them out at your own discretion.

The first step in my morning skincare routine is the REN skincare Evercalm™ gentle cleansing gel. This is a great product for those with sensitive skin, like myself. I’m prone to eczema on my neck area, chin, and also around my eyes, so it was a dream finding a cleanser that didn’t aggravate these problems. If your current cleanser is drying your skin out too much, then I’d highly recommend this cleanser. One pump and it foams up, leaving your face feeling clean and refreshed without stripping it entirely.


A few months ago I started using the Ultra Facial Toner by Kiehl’s and I haven’t even considered changing it yet. I use this straight after cleansing by applying it to a cotton pad and gently gliding it across my face. It picks up all surface debris nicely, leaving my skin feeling really clean. I find this toner to be brilliant at sorting out redness/inflammation. When my skin is feeling a little sore or inflamed, this toner really helps to cool it down. Perfect for mornings when my skin feels attacked (which is basically every day).


No surprise here. I follow the toner with the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer. When I first got this product I really wasn’t sure how it was going to perform on my skin. As someone with dry skin, I need a moisturiser that provides lasting hydration to my skin, not just some surface level hydration that’s gone in minutes. When I felt the consistency of this moisturiser I was about 70% sure that it wasn’t going to work for me: it felt way too lightweight and I thought my skin would be screaming for more moisture in minutes. However, I was completely wrong! This concentrated formula really does deeply moisturise the skin (especially when used in conjunction with the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Toner), and I find that I don’t need to go in with any other moisturiser after this step (although I do because I’m extra).


A lot of people are in love with the Pixi Glow Tonic, but for me, it’s the Rose Oil Blend that does it. This is a light, sweet-scented oil that provides a lovely layer of moisture which helps to soothe and protect the skin from dryness. Throughout winter this was a staple in my skincare regime. Whilst I wouldn’t suggest putting this on then leaving the house immediately (it does take a little while to soak into the skin, and it is quite shiny looking obviously), this oil is a great top layer for your moisturiser. Also, if you’re obsessed with all things rose scented like me, you’ll absolutely adore the scent of it. I found myself just putting it on sometimes to smell nice, it’s that good.


This step is one that I only do occasionally, but I wanted to add it in regardless. I’m putting it in at the bottom purely because I only do this sometimes, but I would usually do this after toning my skin. This Skinfood Mud Masque is perfect for waking up my tired sleepy skin in the morning. It has a rich scent that stays on the skin (without being too overbearing) and adds some much-needed brightness to an otherwise dull complexion. I don’t usually do face masks in the morning because it feels way too bougie for me, but sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself.

So, there’s my morning skincare regime. I’ll be posting my night regime in the near future, although some of the products will be repeated! In the very near future, I’ll be posting my small and humble Crayola Beauty review. I’m super excited to start this blog off and get reviewing and talking about skincare, as well as chatting about LGBTQ+ issues, so I’ll see you very soon.

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