Sonoma Naturals Moroccan Rose Facial Mask Review

The first skincare review I wanted to do was of this mysterious product. I first bought this about four or five months ago from TK Maxx, and I found it to be a great mask. I tried to look into the company online and found nothing, and now I can’t even find the product on the TK Maxx website (the UK version at least). I’ve managed to find it on Amazon, but it doesn’t ship to the UK… I’m going to look into how to get this product a little more, and will hopefully be able to update you because I do think that this mask is worth looking into if your skin is like mine. For a cheap, TK Maxx-luxury product, this mask provides good hydration and helps to cool down inflamed skin.


The mask itself is a gel and is dark pink in tone. Having it as a gel means the mask is very cooling on the skin, which can be amplified by storing it in the fridge, which is what I do. I’d obviously recommend to just do it without refrigerating it the first time, though. As usual, you apply the mask to cleansed skin and leave it on for five to twenty minutes. In contrast to other masks, such as the Skinfoods Mud Masque I use occasionally in the morning, the Sonoma Valley mask remains tacky and wet, even after twenty minutes, so if you’re looking for a mask that dries you may wish to look elsewhere. Personally, I like the fact that the mask remains wet. It keeps my skin hydrated and reminds me of using a sheet mask. The product is vegan, free of parabens, mineral oil, and harsh preservatives, making this product ethically viable for those of us who try and keep in mind how our products are manufactured.


In terms of scent, the mask smells of fresh rose, unsurprisingly, which is uplifting, yet doesn’t feel too strong that it could cause problems on the skin. I know that scents can be troublesome for some people, and they can be a problem for me. However, this mask didn’t do any harm for me, and my eczema wasn’t agitated by the product, nor was my dry skin. This mask contains pure rosewater which is known for being an excellent toner for the skin, as well as being good for calming down inflammation. Coupled with this is green tea, which is also a natural inflammatory which can help to minimize redness and puffiness. Having used this mask for quite some time now (the one you’re looking at is my second pot, and I had a gap of about a month hunting it down!) I can recommend this mask to anybody who struggles with redness or puffiness, or otherwise dry skin. This mask helps to hydrate and brighten my skin and makes me feel refreshed and clean. I don’t feel too weighed down by the formula, and, having used it regularly for months, I can say that the blend of rosewater and green tea has proven to work for my skin!

If you happen to be in a TK Maxx and see one of these, definitely pick it up, especially if you’re looking for a reliable face mask to add to your routine. I’d recommend using this mask two or three times per week, and I usually use it in conjunction with my nighttime skin regime. Last time I was in TK Maxx I also picked up the SkinLab Eye Repair Gel and the Kwailnara Purifying Orange Facial Mask, so I’ll be doing a review on those in a few weeks once I feel comfortable I’ve seen what they can do! Between now and then I’ll be doing some reviews of other items I’ve been using for the past few months, so make sure you check back for those.

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